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MRE Impulse Posters

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Mindfulness Rooted Ecotherapy MRE Impulse Posters, digital download
Nature Connection is a vital part for physical, mental and emotional health. Everything on our planet is interconnected and we are an integral part of its natural cycles and systems.
During the last few decades we have lost some of our conscious relationship to the Earth through big societal changes such as industrialisation, urbanisation and globalisation and this is having a big effect on our overall wellbeing.
Everybody is somehow affected by the environmental developments and many of us are finding it hard to express our thoughts and feelings about the Climate Crisis.  It’s a natural reaction that we can feel worried, overwhelmed and helpless.

These difficult emotions go along with the steady decline in actual time spent in Nature and opportunities to mindfully enjoy the beauty that is all around us. In addition to the mental health crisis of the past few years, new symptoms such as eco anxiety and eco fear have emerged.

It is important that we find new ways to engage with our fears in private and professional settings, and find creative  approaches to become more hopeful, connected and empowered.

The MRE Impulse Cards were developed to give ideas and starting points for facilitating conversations, Mindful Nature Connection and active engagement. Impulses of open-ended sentences and images can help to express thoughts and feelings, increase awareness, find simple solutions or become proactive.

The images  are also a helpful resource to facilitate conscious and  positive Nature Connection for people who are unable to access outdoor environments.

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Original price was: €29.99.Current price is: €15.00.

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