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MNP Impulse Posters


MNP Impulse Posters, digital download

This is a very helpful resource to use in a classroom or other educational/childcare setting. Children can find it hard to put into words their thoughts and worries about environmental issues such as the climate crisis, species extinction, sustainability etc. and this can weigh heavy on their little hearts and minds.

The MNP Impulse Posters can help children to voice their concerns, initiate conversations and become proactive and empowered. Open ended sentences and impulse phrases can  help children to express their inner feelings and become creative  contributing ideas and solutions they can become involved in.

Mindful Nature Pedagogy sees education as a holistic, wholesome process and promotes learning through active, creative and multi-sensory engagement with the natural world.  Learning should be an interactive process in which individual learning styles, interests and strengths are honoured and nurtured.

The MNP Impulse Posters were created as a supportive resource for our 4-week CPD accredited Mindful Nature Pedagogy training. Learn more here.

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