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Mindfulness Beads


These beautiful compact mindfulness beads are a great companion and mindfulness tool. You can use them as a mindfulness or intention setting reminder or simply as a tactile “anchor” in stressful or worrying times. Sometimes we need that little extra support and these mindfulness beads add a tactile and visual component which can be very helpful in times of overwhelm.

It’s scientifically proven that we seek to touch things when we are stressed as tactile sensations help to ground us. Fidgeting is a regulation response to stress and it can be very helpful to hold these mindfulness beads or any other object to get this tactile input.

They are also wonderful for children as an emotional support when starting back in school for any other transitions letting them know that we are thinking of them.


  • Crystal beads with sterling silver findings
  • Crystal beads only

You can find more beautiful mindfulness support tools in both our Mindfulness and Crystal Shops

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