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Mindful Nature Education


Mindful Nature Education: Empower Your Children Through Mindful Nature Connection

Course Details:

Enrolment evergreen, registration anytime

Duration: 4 modules self-paced

Location: Fully online

Support: Online community, email support for upcoming questions

Certification: CPD

Cost: €175 including ready-to-use resources worth over €300


Discover the Benefits of Mindful Nature Education

Are you a parent or educator looking for alternative approaches to education and play? Concerned about society’s growing disconnection from Nature? Learn how to support your children in reconnecting with Nature through our comprehensive training. Mindful Nature Education is a wonderful approach, that will teach you how Nature Connection should be at the heart of our children’s learning, development, mental and physical health. Learning is supported through active, multi-sensory, creative and mindful engagement with the natural world.


Key Priorities:
  • Nature as a Learning Space and Playground: Emphasising outdoor learning whenever possible
  • Connection: Fostering a deep connection to nature as the foundation of learning and wellbeing
  • Play: Prioritising playful, creative, and multi-sensory engagement
  • Curiosity: Encouraging exploration and experimentation
  • Risk-Taking: Providing opportunities for safe risk-taking within a supportive network
  • Creativity: Promoting creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Curriculum Integration: Incorporating educational content into a nature-based context
  • Mindful Awareness: Enhancing mindfulness and interaction with the natural world
  • Wonder and Awe: Inspiring a sense of wonder and awe in children
  • Climate-Related Mental Health: Addressing eco-anxiety and empowering children for a hopeful future


What’s Included:
  • 4 comprehensive modules including webinars, PDF files and further resources
  • Extensive digital resources ready to use in home and educational settings worth over €300
Curriculum Content:
  • Modern Day Challenges and how we can respond skillfully
  • Why Nature Education?
  • Mindfulness and Nature Education
  • Creative ways to connect Children to Nature



‘I’m an Italian researcher and teacher committed to reconnecting children to Nature and reconciling our frenetic life with nature-based rhythms. I was looking for a course that could provide me with approaches to introduce nature education at school. I found Roots and Wings’ wonderful “Mindful Nature Education” course, which also included indications for mindfulness practice. The lectures are well structured and include many additional resources which can be downloaded and are ready to use, which I found very helpful for my teaching practice. Thanks so much Alex for your expertise and guidance.’

-Elisa Cagnelutti


 ‘The Mindful Nature Education course is excellent. The content is presented extremely well and the platform is very easy to engage with on a mobile device as well as laptop. The variety of tasks within the course are varied and it provides a consistently high quality of learning throughout. The resources included are wonderful and support the content perfectly. I work in Higher Education, training Secondary School teachers in England, and the content of the course is extremely transferable for the 11+ age group. Alex is a joy to engage with, she has been so helpful and supportive as I have worked through the course and her advice on other courses offered is wonderful. I thoroughly recommend Roots and Wings, and I look forward to continuing my learning journey with them. Thank you, Alex – this is a wonderful course!’

-Natalie Reynolds


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