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Climate Hope through Mindful Nature Connection


Format: Fully online and self-paced

Access: Any time that suits your personal schedule.

Support: Facebook Community for positive exchange, information, support and occasional practices. …and I’m only on the other end of an email or dm on Social Media 😉

I wanted to create a resource to help people find effective ways to live with more ease, hope and motivation despite the challenges of the Climate Crisis and other difficulties.

Mental Health is such an important aspect in this context. When we feel worried, fearful angry or helpless our natural response is often to recoil and become stuck. Mindful Nature Connection and related aspects can make a big difference to our well-being and I’m looking forward to introducing you to this process.

The approach of the 7 Elements in this course does in no way deny our modern-day challenges or encourage us to put on rose-tinted glasses. Quite the opposite actually. The initial first step (and Element 1) is gently touching into our fears and pain. It’s a crucial part of a journey towards becoming empowered and “unstuck”!

Here are the 7 Elements of this approach:

  • Meeting eco emotions
  • Self-care and self-compassion
  • Mindful Nature Connection
  • Creative, emotional and spiritual expression
  • Finding joy and beauty
  • Becoming proactive
  • The Power of Community

We are all different so what resonates with one doesn’t necessarily do the same for the other. Running before breakfast might rock your boat, I prefer yoga and meditation to start my day.

This course should be seen as a resource that we can all make our own within the framework of the seven elements.

What is included in the course?

  • 20+ PDF scripts
  • 1 guide booklet
  • A large variety of links and suggestions to choose from
  • Mindful Nature Connection Impulse Cards
  • MNC Photo Posters
  • Mandala colouring booklet
  • Downloadable Nature Soundtracks
  • Links to meditations, practices, helpful articles and videos
  • Community support

I am passionate about supporting people in finding a more hopeful state of being and with that the possibility to become proactive and optimistic for our future.

Wishing you hope and ease!

xx Alex

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