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EcoGem Therapy Training


EcoGem Therapy is a secular crystal healing modality with no association to any religion or belief system based on the universal principles of energy healing, taking into account scientifically backed up facts in combination with ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom. We developed our approach with an equal balance of science and universal spirituality of Nature and the cosmos we are all part of. EcoGem Therapy incorporates elements of ecotherapy, mindfulness, crystal healing and energy work and strives to support mental and physical human health, as well as the health and wellbeing of our planet and all the living beings that share it. EcoGem Therapy is based on 12 carefully selected Gemstones, representing the elements of Nature, with the crystals themselves representing the geological/mineral element. Also part of the EcoGem Crystal set are the five Platonic Solids and a Rose Quartz Heart. EcoGem Therapy is a complementary modality and should never replace medical advice, treatment or medication.

  • Course Details EcoGem Therapy: IICT, IMMA accredited, fully online
  • Duration 9 weeks (6 weeks For MRE Graduates)
  • ​On demand, launch announced soon.
  • More information to follow.
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