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EcoGem Therapy


EcoGem Therapy Training for Holistic Health Practitioners – A deep dive into the interconnection of Ecotherapy, Crystal Healing and Universal Energy Principles 

Enrolment evergreen, registration anytime

Duration: 10 weeks, self-paced

Location: Fully online

Support: email support, online community

Certification: IICT, IMMA

Cost: €1150, 3-month payment plan available

Scholarships: Limited places, 50% scholarships for students experiencing financial hardship


EcoGem Therapy is a secular crystal healing modality which combines elements of ecotherapy and crystal healing. It is based on the principles of universal energy and the interconnectedness of everything on this planet and in the cosmos.

I developed this unique approach with an equal balance of science, ancient knowledge, spiritual wisdom and the universal cycles, truths and systems of Nature and the cosmos we are all part of. EcoGem Therapy incorporates elements of ecotherapy, mindfulness, crystal healing and energy work and strives to support mental and physical human health and the health and well-being of our planet and all the living beings that share it.

This unique modality is based on 12 carefully selected Gemstones, representing the elements of Nature, with the crystals themselves representing the geological/mineral element. Also, part of the EcoGem Crystal set are the five Platonic Solids and a Rose Quartz Heart. EcoGem Therapy is a complementary modality and should never replace medical advice, treatment or medication.


Key Benefits:
  • Reconnect with Nature: Experience the harmony of universal energy and the interconnectedness of all life.
  • Enhance Mental and Physical Health: Utilise crystal healing and energy work to support overall wellness.
  • Gain Spiritual Insights: Learn ancient wisdom and the principles of Nature’s cycles and truths.
  • Develop Ecotherapy Skills: Address modern challenges with informed and research based practices.
  • Integrate into Professional Practice: Acquire valuable skills to enrich your career or start a new path as an EcoGem Therapy Practitioner.


What’s Included:
  • 10-week Online Training Program: (8 weeks for MRE graduates) Comprehensive and self-paced, tailored for UK and EU students due to shipping of the EcoGem Therapy Kit.
  • Rich Learning Materials: Weekly modules with PDFs, webinars, articles, and video content.
  • Community Engagement: Interact with fellow students and receive personalised 1:1 support.
  • Accreditation and Recognition: Approved by the IICT, ensuring professional standards and credibility.
  • EcoGem Therapy Kit: Includes 12 selected Gemstones, five Platonic Solids, and a Rose Quartz Heart, delivered to your doorstep.
Course Curriculum Overview

Week 1: Ecotherapy

Week 2: Nature and Universal Energy

Week 3: Introduction to EcoGem Therapy

Week 4: The Subtle Energy Body

Week 5: Sacred Geometry

Week 6: Related Topics: The Significance of Sound, The Significance of Colour, The Microbiome-Environment-Food Connection, Earthing, Breath

Week 7: EcoGem Therapy Practices 1

Week 8: EcoGem Therapy Practices 2

Week 9/10 Plan and facilitating EcoGem Therapy Sessions, Final Assignment


  • Full Course Price: €1,150.00
  • Flexible Payment Options: Three monthly instalments of €400.
  • Scholarships Available: 2 x scholarships @ €575 for students experiencing financial hardship. Contact us to apply.


Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step towards a powerful new modality to inform your holistic practice. Reserve your spot for the next training session today!

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