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Custom made Crystal Bracelet


Crystal choices can be very personal and intuitive depending on our personality, situation, beliefs or simply colour preferences. Maybe you are entering a new life-phase and want to mark the transition, maybe you want to support a friend through a difficult situation or maybe you just need a beautiful statement piece to go with an outfit for a celebration. Whatever your reasons for  designing your own unique piece of jewellery, we can help to find suitable crystals, colours and additional components such as sterling silver charms/findings or other materials to personalise your design. All bracelets come in an organic cotton drawstring bag and are cleansed and charged before they wing their way to you.


  • Plain round beads with sterling silver charm/findings: €35
  • Plain round beads without sterling silver findings: €25
  • Combination of plain, faceted and carved stones with sterling silver charm/findings: €60
  • Combination of plain, faceted and carved stones without sterling silver charm/findings: €50

Please contact me for custom made crystal bracelets.

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