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Crystal Advent Calendar


Our crystal advent calendar is a great alternative for the festive season. It includes 23 different stones, a collection pouch, a guide with information about the different crystals and a spiral pendant for interchangeable wear on a necklace.

For centuries crystals have fascinated mankind, from Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, Medieval scholars and indigenous tribes across the globe. Gemstones have been used as a symbol of power, status and wealth, a healing resource, a representation of deities and spirituality and simply a joy for many.

From a scientific point of view, researchers have been fascinated by the processes of crystal formation, and their unique, shapes, colours and properties. The vibrance, size and pigmentation of some specimens have dumfounded their discoverers. The fascination with this natural phenomenon of creation continues. (see some of the world’s largest amethyst geodes here)

Behind every little door, there is a unique gemstone labelled with a little sticker. The information is presented in three languages: English, German and French. If you have ever wanted a beautiful introduction to gemstones, our crystal advent calendar is the perfect companion for this special time of year. It’s equally suitable for children and adults and brings, joy, excitement and curiosity into the festive season.

Size 25.5 x 35 cm

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