Ecotherapy Online Training
Nature connection is a vital puzzle piece for human and planetary health. It is important that we mindfully integrate the nature element into our daily lives and professional practice to support mental and physical wellbeing. Additional factors are the modern day challenges we are facing as a global community. Phrases like Climate Crisis, Eco Anxiety and Loss of Biodiversity are becoming firmly embedded into our vocabulary and we need to find creative approaches that think outside the box and promote a hopeful and empowered outlook. This can be achieved by a multi-modal intervention that values individuality, and balances the acknowledgement of the current situation with  creative and multi-sensory mindfulness and ecotherapy approaches. At the root is the recognition that everything is connected and all living beings are part of the same cycles and systems. We can’t have healthy humans on a sick planet.
Especially our children need a different approach to support them in these times. Young kids are bombarded by worrying information they are often unable to process, causing increasing mental health issues. Our education system still prioritises academic achievements adding another layer of pressure and largely dismissing individual strengths and learning styles. Mindful Nature Pedagogy balances children’s need to move, play, experiment and explore in Nature, while also learning curriculum content in a meaningful and motivating way. 
Our hope is that our courses will contribute to a positive change for all of us; our children’s and our planet’s future.

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