1:1 Mentoring

Develop your professional practice and/or personal life with access to my knowledge and expertise in multi-modal Nature Connection Approaches and a focus on Human and Planetary Health. 

Are you ready to:

  • Act on your desire to create a new approach in your professional practice?
  • Learn about new concepts and ideas that will respond to the modern challenges we are facing globally?
  • Find back to more Nature Connection?
  • Reconnect to yourself?
  • Meet modern day challenges with open eyes and an open heart?
  • Receive support and learn skills to find hope and empowerment in the middle of it all?
  • Decrease stress and anxiety in yourself and your family?
  • Access wellbeing, joy and ease?
  • Take positive action to support your own and our planet’s health?

Then you are in the right place!

Alex has over 25 years experience in Nature Connecting Approaches, Mindfulness and research-based methodologies. Her work focuses equally on human and planetary health as both are inextricably related. We can’t have healthy humans on a sick planet.

Learn to meet yourself in these challenging times, and gently touch into vulnerability so you will be able to move forward with hope, compassion and optimism. Mindfulness and connection are at the heart of Alex’s work. Honouring each person’s individuality, preferences and needs is of the highest importance. There is no one approach that can fit all.

What is mentoring/coaching?

Mentoring or coaching is a collaborative and personalised process in which the mentor/coach facilitates the enhancement/adjustment of work performance, life experience and personal growth of the client. It’s when someone shares their expertise, skills, and experience with another person to help them to progress and develop. 

How does it work?

I offer customised remote mentoring through Zoom. After an initial consultation where we will get to know each other a little, we will agree on a set of 1 hr sessions. 

All information exchanged during our work together shall remain private and confidential.

Who is mentoring for?

Mentoring with my approach and expertise is beneficial for:

  • Healthcare and education professionals who realise a shift in approaches is needed and who are motivated to learn about new concepts and ideas to initiate this in their professional framework.
  • Private clients who feel stuck and frustrated living in times of Climate Crisis, and who are keen to learn how they can reconnect. Reconnect to Nature, to themselves and to the community around them. Always remember, we can’t do this on our own ;-).
  • Parents who are worried about their children’s eco-anxiety and wonder how they can make effective and hopeful changes as individuals and as a family unit.

What approaches do I work with?

Due to a wide variety of interests, experience and qualifications and the client’s personal circumstances and priorities, I tailor individual approaches for every person. 

Approaches I work with include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Ecotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Neuroplasticity
  • Nature Education
  • Embodied Approaches
  • Climate Action and Sustainability
  • Mindful Parenting and Education
  • Holistic Health Modalities

You can also register for one of my certified and accredited online trainings:

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