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MRE is a highly flexible and effective modality combining mindfulness and nature connecting approaches with inclusive and multi-sensory methodologies. It is an invaluable addition to the work of mental health and education professionals. MRE prioritises accessibility for all and is suitable for indoor and outdoor application. 

EcoGem Therapy has the Mindfulness Rooted Ecotherapy Training as foundational prerequisite. The EcoGem Therapy modules add the element of crystal healing into the MRE practice. Crystals are used as:

  • Crystals as a direct connection to the earth’s history and evolution and witnesses of geological epochs.
  • Crystals as a representation of the mineral and geological aspects of Nature.
  • Crystals as a visual and tactile resource for a multi-sensory approach.
  • Crystals and their associated EcoGem symbol as a visualisation, meditation and intention setting tool.
  • Crystals as physical and mental healing tools including acupressure, massage, meditation and vibrational crystal healing.

Mindful Nature Education is a Nature Education modality that sees education as a holistic, wholesome process and promotes learning through active, mindful, multi-sensory engagement with the natural world.

Priorities are:

  • Nature as the classroom/learning space (whenever possible).
  • A playful approach.
  • Fostering of curiosity.
  • Freedom and motivation to explore and experiment.
  • Opportunities for risk-taking within a supportive network.
  • Facilitating multi-sensory experiencing.
  • Encouraging creativity.
  • Mindful awareness and engagement, promoting a sense of wonder and awe.

The 14-week Mindfulness Rooted Ecotherapy Training is fully online with content being released weekly. Within that week content can be accessed self-paced. Interactive engagement in the Facebook Study Group is part of the certification requirement.

Yes, the MRE/EcoGem Therapy training is fully accredited through the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), the IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance) and CPD (Continuous, Professional Development).


  • Qualification in Psychology, Counselling, Social Work, Education, Social Work, Healthcare, Holistic Health Profession or similar. 
  • 8-week Mindfulness Course or equivalent. 
  • Personal Mindfulness Practice. 
  • Agreement to the Roots and Wings Ethical Code

Yes, MRE is accredited through the international accreditation bodies IMMA and IICT. Please visit their websites for detailed information:

Apart from course materials and accredited certification, there is an extensive bundle of ready-made digital resources for practice included in the training. These include journals, Mindful Games, colouring resources, impulse cards, photo visuals, client intake and consultation forms, nature sound tracks etc. The EcoGem Therapy Training includes the additional EcoGem Crystal Set.

The pricing for our trainings are tiered with an early bird rate up to a certain enrolment date and full price after that. There is also the option of a three-month payment plan. We also offer a limited number of scholarship opportunities, to apply please email or contact us through the Facebook page:

Cancellations & Refunds

Once the course starts, you will receive instant access to the first course lessons, with the remaining lessons being released weekly over 14 weeks. You may cancel your enrolment up to 2 weeks before the course begins to get a full refund, up to the end of the first course week you can withdraw to get a 50% refund. After that period no refund will be given.

We take our business integrity and the best interests of our clients and students very seriously. All students of Roots and Wings are required to agree that they will adhere to and implement the following code of ethics while in training and once qualified, as a means to maintain professionalism, safety and integrity in their practice.

  1. Always conduct yourself with integrity and respect.
  2. Protect client confidentiality and never divulge any identifying information about your clients, or clients’ lives with anybody.
  3. Respect personal boundaries and always act appropriately. Never initiate any unwanted or inappropriate physical contact with a client.
  4. Client safety and wellbeing is paramount.  Always ensure your venue and equipment is safe, in excellent working order and that you are always mindful of your client’s physical, emotional and psychological safety.
  5. Only work within your realm of education, qualification and experience, respecting your abilities and limitations.
  6. Maintain honesty, transparency, fairness and integrity in all business matters including marketing, pricing and self-promotion.
  7. Always work within the limitations of the law and your professional bodies.
  8. Always encourage clients to accept responsibility for their own healing offering support and skills to empower them.
  9. Always bring your ‘best self’ to the MRE session, present, compassionate and non-judging.
  10. Always make sure clients are aware that MRE and EcoGem Therapy are a complementary modality, not intended to replace medical or psychological care.  Never suggest your clients alter or cease any prescribed medications or treatments unless they have been instructed to do so by a licensed medical professional.
  11. When working with children always seek parent’s/guardian’s consent.
  12. Honour individuality: Every person is different and has their personal needs, sensitivities, aversions (possible trauma) and preferences. It is of utmost importance to honour these differences. MRE and EcoGem Therapy lend themselves to tailor sessions individually for every client, and elements are freely combinable in addition to the practitioners’ own expertise and offerings.
  13. Always make a thorough assessment (see assessment form) before commencing sessions in order to ensure safety, comfort and enjoyment.
  14. MRE and EcoGem Therapy are based on an attitude of reciprocity with our natural environment. Modelling respect, love and care for our Planet Earth is an integral part of being an MRE and EcoGem practitioner.

Yes, appointments for personal, educational and corporate online consultation as well as individual MRE sessions can be made through the Contact Section or email to 

At the moment my services are online only except consultations for school/educational settings.

All crystals are ethically sourced from credible and reliable wholesalers in Germany.

Yes they are but it is also advisable that you regularly cleanse and charge your crystals thereafter.

Is your question not answered here? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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