Is Nature Connection the missing puzzle piece in our approach to mental and physical health?

Nature Connection Indoors

Do you have a parent or grandparent in a nursing home or unable to leave their bed? Are any of your loved ones suffering from allergies or chronic illnesses? Maybe you know someone with reduced mobility or a difficult life situation? Do you have children who need to spend extensive time in hospital? All of these circumstances can really limit opportunities for Nature Connection, which greatly affects quality of life as well as the healing process. There is plenty of research out there that recognises the role of Nature Connection in our well-being and its importance for healing.

Many of us take for granted that we’re able to go for a walk on a beach, spend time in our garden or regularly take the dog for a wander around the forest. These things seem so simple and basic, yet they’re a faraway dream for many of us. 

Nature Connection is an indispensable part of mental and physical health. Especially for people suffering from illness or other limitations, it’s so important to find creative ways to integrate it into their lives and into healthcare and residential settings. 

This might sound complicated at first, but so many simple nature connection practices can bring this vital element indoors to the people who need it most. 

To start, here are some very simple interior decorating ideas:
  • Get some indoor plants
  • Decorate rooms with Nature artwork such as paintings, prints, posters or photographs
  • Integrate natural materials in furniture, dressings and accessories: wood, linen, cotton, stone, straw, sisal, rattan, fresh flowers etc.
  • Choose a colour scheme inspired by Nature or even choose a specific theme depending on preferences: nautical, forest, beach, jungle, farm, garden etc.
  • Pick lighting that highlights and accentuates certain elements.
  • Incorporate a water feature
  • Using respectfully gathered nature items to decorate: sea shells, pressed flowers and leaves, pine cones, nuts, conkers, rocks, crystals, feathers, driftwood
  • Playing Nature Sound Tracks in the background
nature connection hospital

Too simple? Not at all. Oftentimes it’s the simple things that can have the biggest impact. Just imagine either lying in a sterile hospital room, or a room painted in a beautiful colour displaying some Nature artwork. It’s neither rocket science nor does it break the bank and these considerations need to become more of a priority. Nature Connection does not have to be limited to outdoor experiences, there are so many ways in which we can support our loved ones and clients who don’t have the possibility to spend time outside in Nature.

If you would like to learn more about ecotherapy and the many ways we can integrate Nature into our personal and professional lives: The pioneering Mindfulness Rooted Ecotherapy Practitioner Training is now EVERGREEN for a trial period of six months at a greatly reduced training fee of €950 once off payment or instalments of 3 x €325. Registration is now open!

The online training is CPD-accredited and approved as Practitioner Level by the IMMA and IICT.

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