Nature Connection anywhere at any time.

Ecotherapy Bracelet

More and more people recognise their need to reconnect to Nature, accelerated by the challenging times we live in. Nature Connection is slowly becoming a firm part of many mental and physical healing approaches. Many of us seem to intrinsically remember our roots: that we are never separate from Nature, no matter where we physically are. For some, the efforts to immerse ourselves in the natural world is “easy” and joyful as we live in an environment with open access and we don’t have significant personal limitations such as trauma, allergies or illness to name a few. 

For others, the reconnection to Nature can come with more obstacles and difficulties. Some might struggle with previous trauma, some might be too ill to leave their house, and some might erroneously believe that we can only connect to Nature out in the wild. There are many reasons why regular Nature Connection might seem impossible for some of us.

A wonderful tool for Nature Connection anywhere and anytime:

We created our Mindfulness Rooted Ecotherapy Training for health and education professionals with an emphasis on accessibility for all. Everyone needs the vital element of Nature Connection and people with personal limitations, be they physical or mental, oftentimes even more so.

We wanted to illustrate that Nature Connection is possible anytime and anywhere, even in the most crowded urban spaces or a room without windows. Of course, it would be ideal to spend time immersed in Nature, but there are still many possibilities to consciously connect through visualisations, meditation, tactile “Nature Friends”, multi-sensory experiences, micro life all around us, the vast sky, the weather… 

Sometimes it can be helpful to use little tools and reminders to support our conscious awareness of Nature Connection. This can be as simple as a little pebble in our pocket, a feather on our desk or a keyring representing a favourite Nature element.

Presenting our EcoGem Bracelet:

We wanted to create something, that can be easily worn all the time, yet represent all that surrounds us in an aesthetic and meaningful way. We designed our EcoGem bracelet as a beautiful mindfulness reminder and awareness tool of our deep Nature Connection, whether conscious or subconscious. The crystal bracelet is composed of carefully selected and researched gemstones representing the following elements of Nature:

  • Sunstone – Sun
  • Moonstone – Moon
  • Clear quartz – Stars
  • Red jasper – Earth
  • Yellow calcite – Air
  • Carnelian – Fire
  • Lapis Lazuli – Water
  • Amethyst – Ether
  • Tree agate – Plants
  • Leopardskin Jasper – Animals on land
  • Ocean jasper – Animals in the water
  • Kambaba jasper – Microorganisms

The geological/mineral element is represented by the crystals themselves.

Wearing this bracelet helps us to consciously connect to Mother Earth wherever we are. The specific gemstones in the crystal bracelet are both a visual and energetic representation and can help us to develop more awareness of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the systems we live in. It’s also a reminder that we are never separate, we ARE Nature. 

This crystal bracelet was inspired by the Ecogem Therapy approach, which combines Ecotherapy/Nature Connection with Crystal Healing. Every bracelet is a unique piece with a different combination of crystal beads and shapes. You can order our EcoGem Bracelet here.

For specific sizes just contact us through the form or email

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