Earthing – Plug yourself into our Planet!

Did you know that we are electrical beings living on an electrical planet? The cells in our body are designed to conduct electrical energy, as electricity is required for our nervous system and brain to send vital messages through our bodies. For thousands of years our ancestors walked on our Planet Earth barefoot, their homes were built right on the surface without insulation or materials that don’t conduct electrical energy, we were literally connected, plugged into the Earth’s electrical field. We were part of a circuit and electricity flowed freely though us. In the past couple of centuries so much has changed in that respect, and many of us have lost that physical connection.

Recent studies point more and more towards the need to physically connect back to the Earth’s surface. Most of us in the Western “civilised” world rarely spend any time standing, sitting or lying directly on the Earth without being separated by plastic soles, insulated floors or other barriers that prevent the circulation of energy between our bodies and the Earth’s electrical field. Only very few communities and societies in the world still live physically connected to the soil, the ground, the surface of the Earth.

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 As you might remember from basic physics lessons in school, every electronic device or machine needs an earthing cable to prevent electric shocks and divert excessive electricity into the ground. 

In our bodies, the inability to plug into the Earth’s circuit, which is part of our own circuit, is leading to more and more energetic imbalances, blockages and inflammation. We have literally cut ourselves off from our roots and it is important for physical and mental health to consciously get back to our natural way of being, at least some of the time. Our planet is the source of natural energies, subtle pulsating frequencies; it’s constantly being charged by solar radiation, lightning and heat from deep within its core. Like a mega-sized battery our Earth is keeping natural rhythms and cycles going, perfectly tuned into all the living beings living on her.

Apart from our emotional and mental disconnection from Nature, earthing/grounding is the most basic form to re-integrate into our natural, healthy state of being, and the good news is, that it is easy, free and always available to us: 

Ways to plug into the Earth’s energy field and ground ourselves:

  • Going for a barefoot walk on grass, sand or soil (most effective when surfaces are damp or wet).
  • Walking barefoot in a stream, a lake or the ocean.
  • Sitting/lying on grass, sand or soil.
  • Swimming in the ocean or a lake.
  • Walking in the rain.
  • Hugging a tree, holding foliage.
  • Gardening with hands submerged in the soil.
  • Eating freshly picked fruit and vegetables with low carbon footprint. 

If you would like to read more about “earthing”, check out the book with the same name by Clinton Ober or have a quick browse on his website (we have no affiliation).

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